• The conditions of our Quality Management System, which we have established by taking into account “Environment”, “Quality”, “Occupational Health and Safety”, “Technological Developments” and “Full Customer Satisfaction”; To implement it at every level of our organization with an effective leadership, responsible and participatory management approach, to continuously improve its effectiveness with the participation of our employees,
  • Customer-oriented planning of our processes in order to ensure the continuity of a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and suppliers,
  • To comply with environmental legal regulations and legislation, to use natural and energy resources efficiently by creating environmental and savings awareness in our employees,
  • To reduce our waste, to ensure the recycling of wastes for beneficial use, to minimize the negative effects of non-recoverable wastes on the environment,
  • To create a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with administrative regulations, to create individual awareness in employees in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, to reach the highest level of world standards in this field and to make it sustainable,
  • To create a highly motivated human resource with a strong sense of belonging, by providing a unity of direction between our organizational goals and the goals of our employees, and by developing a sense of unity and solidarity,
  • To support all our employees with vocational training and personal development programs, to ensure that they constantly improve themselves and increase their productivity.
  • We will comply with product standards, as well as all laws and standards related to the protection of the environment and natural resources, without compromising our principles,
  • We are committed.